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Massage Therapy

Gentle Healing Wellness Spa incorporates Eastern and Western Philosophies into every Massage Service we provide.

Practiced since antiquity, massage is a vital part of holistic health care and is considered, by countless numbers of physicians and health experts, to benefit our general state of health in many ways. Massage releases muscle tension and discomfort, reduces mental fatigue, increases blood and lymph circulation, facilitates the elimination of toxins, and increases the functions of the body’s sensory receptors.

Integrated Signature Massage

Restore your energy while healing tired, aching muscles. Our Integrated Massage incorporates a blend of modalities including Eastern energy balancing with Western muscle manipulation techniques. Each massage includes a consultation to discern the best form of treatment for each individual guest. To enhance your experience, a hot cherry stone compress is used to relax muscle tension areas, Bio-Freeze gel to soothe tender and sore muscles, and an eye rest pillow to relax the optic nerve.

60 minutes: $90

85 minutes: $130

Integrated Essential Oil Massage

Enhance your Integrated Massage with a custom blend of essential oils which infuse the skin to address such challenges as hydration, PMS, mental fatigue, aches, pains, and circulation. A foot and leg care lotion combined with hot towels enhance your journey with a warming essence.

60 minutes: $100

85 minutes: $140

Target Massage

A massage that targets a specific localized area to meet your needs.

30 minutes: $60

Add Aromatherapy / Essential Oils of your choice

30 minutes: $65

The 60/30

Enjoy a wonderful 60-minute Integrated Signature Massage followed by a relaxing 30-minute Foot Reflexology Treatment.

90 minutes: $140

Deep Manipulation Massage

A primarily Western Philosophy approach using deep pressure and muscle manipulation to support athletic guests or anyone with recurring injuries. This massage blends deeper, penetrating pressure with a specialized muscle and joint crème to support healthy tissue growth, relieve joint discomfort and muscle soreness and tension.

60 minutes: $95

85 minutes: $135

Customized Stimulating Massage

Designed to increase circulation and restore a refreshed feel to the body and skin by combining dry brushing, a customized demi-glow and an Integrated Signature Massage.

90 minutes:$145

Prenatal Massage

Recommended for the mom-to-be in her second and third trimester, this light massage assists in releasing lower back pain, water retention, and sciatica. Using a body support system made just for the expecting Mom, we can help you rediscover relief and comfort that lifts the spirit and aids in restful sleep.

30 minutes: $65

55 minutes: $95

Specialty Massages


The ancient art of Chinese pressure point massage is used on the hands and/or feet. Reflexology has the ability to affect all parts of the body to promote healing and well-being.

30 minutes: $60

Peppy Foot Massage

A specialized lotion made with lavender, myrrh, and peppermint is massaged into your tired aching feet followed by warmed towels, and finished off with our peppy foot spray.

30 minutes: $60

Stone Massage Therapies

Detoxifying Stone Massage

Warm polished basalt stones are strategically placed and massaged on the body to promote deep relaxation and increase blood flow to the skin surface. Cool polished marble stones are used to flush blood throughout the system. The combination of these two treatments causes a deep detoxification of the entire system. Traditional hand massage is incorporated throughout the entire process to enable deep healing and relaxation.

85 minutes: $150

Essential Oil Hot Stone Therapy

Warm polished basalt stones are strategically placed and massaged on the body. A specially selected blend of essential oils from Raindrop Therapy are sequentially dispensed like little drops of rain on the vertebrae and back muscles followed by warm towels. This treatment helps to balance the energy flow of the bodies core muscles.

100 minutes: $175

Specialty Scalp Massages

Hot Oil Head and Neck Treatment

Spend too much time thinking and worrying? Relax your mind from everyday stress. Acupressure and deep circular massage are used throughout the scalp and neck with a blend of jojoba, geranium, wheat germ and peppermint essential oils.

20 minutes: $45

Heavenly Hydration

Relieve stress and sinus pressure by incorporating a deep pressure scalp massage with a Wild Lemon-Lime scalp treatment to invigorate and stimulate the scalp.

20 minutes: $45

Restful Relaxation

A specialized blend of Essential Oils are infused to create a relaxing scalp and face massage treatment to quiet the mind, release tension and prepare you for a restful sleep and well needed escape from everyday tension.

20 minutes: $45

Sinus Relief

Eucalyptus and Pine Essential oils are used to enhance a deep penetrating Scalp and face massage. Acupressure points throughout the scalp and face help to drain sinuses and relieve sinus pressure.

20 minutes: $45

Enhancements for Any Service

Foot Baths

Hot foot baths increase the blood flow though the feet up into the entire body. Foot baths also help to elevate the body temperature, which in turn relaxes tense muscles and increases white blood cell activity. A nice warm foot bath can also help with colds, congestions, the flu and coughs. Each of our foot baths will help with these symptoms and adds to your personal care. Can be a standalone service, or added on to any of our other services.

Soothing Chamomile Bath

Chamomile is wonderfully soothing to sensitive, dry skin and considered a preventative remedy for headaches, nervous tension, and even nightmares. Its anti-inflammatory properties are widely used to reduce puffy eyes, swelling and sprains. $35

Uplifting Lavender Bath

Lavender has been beloved for centuries for its ability to uplift the spirits and relax mind, body and spirit. Well known for relieving headaches, migraines, depression, insomnia, nervous tension, nausea, sprains, and cramps. $35

Restoring Peppermint Bath

The Ancients used Peppermint to scent their bath water and as a restorative. It is popular for its ability to alleviate headaches, migraines, nausea, stomach upset, nervous tension, stress, sinus & lung congestion, fatigue, and insomnia. Enjoy its anti-inflammatory properties in hydrotherapy treatments for stiff muscles, arthritis, sprains and strains. Perfect for students and business people who need help with concentration, as it calms the nerves while stimulating the brain. $35

Nurturing Rose Petal Bath

The “Queen of Flowers” symbolizes romance, success, happiness, and friendship. A timeless remedy against anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness, stomach upset, menstrual cramps and PMS, and inflammation and redness of the skin. Roses balance the mind while nurturing the spirit. $35

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