Aromatherapy Steam

A full body, customized steam with the Aromatherapy of your choice to cleanse the skin, open the sinuses, and awaken or relax the senses. Great before, between, or after any service.

15 Minutes: $20

Cleopatra Rose Petal Bath

Like the princess herself, immerse your body in a warm, rose scented milk bath with two dozen fresh rose petals and the finest rose essential oils. The milk’s lactic acid will gently help exfoliate the skin and melt away your cares in a genuine, deep Victorian tub.

30 minutes: $45

Infrared Sauna

A radiant heat therapy that can relieve pain from arthritis, injury, stress, sciatica, whiplash, and tension. Infrared treatments can burn up to 900+ calories per half hour session and can also lower your blood pressure, unclog pores, resolve and heal acne, and rid the body of cellulite.

15 minutes: $25
30 minutes: $35

A Series of 6 sauna sessions (30 minutes) can be purchased at a discounted rate of $180

Signature Aromatherapy Herbal Soak

Immerse yourself in a deep Victorian tub filled with customized essential oils, blended herbs, and emollient hydrators that envelope the body to ease away tension and stress.

30 minutes: $45

Vanilla Journey Bath

Step into a vanilla bath of pleasure. Sink into a deep relaxation as the evocative fragrance of vanilla from the Moluccan Islands softly exfoliates and nourishes the skin. An amazing delight before any service.

30 minutes: $45

Foot Baths

Hot foot baths increase the blood flow though the feet up into the entire body. Foot baths also help to elevate the body temperature, which in turn relaxes tense muscles and increases white blood cell activity. A nice warm foot bath can also help with colds, congestion, the flu and coughs. Each of our foot baths will help with these symptoms and adds to your personal care. Can be a standalone service, or added on to any of our other services.

20 minutes: $35

Soothing Chamomile Bath

Soothes sensitive, dry skin. Considered a preventative remedy for headaches, nervous tension and even nightmares. Anti-inflammatory properties are widely used to reduce swelling and sprains.

20 minutes: $35

Uplifting Lavender Bath

Lavender uplifts the spirit and relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Relieves headaches, migraines, cramps, nervous tension, depression, insomnia, sprains and nausea.

20 minutes: $35

Restoring Peppermint Bath

Peppermint alleviates headaches, migraines, nausea, stomach upset, nervous tension, stress, sinus & lung congestion, fatigue, and insomnia. Anti-inflammatory for stiff muscles, arthritis, sprains and strains. Calms the nerves while stimulating the brain to increase concentration.

20 minutes: $35

Nurturing Rose Petal Bath

The “Queen of Flowers” symbolizes romance, success, happiness, and friendship. A timeless remedy against anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness, stomach upset, menstrual cramps and PMS, and inflammation and redness of the skin. Roses balance the mind while nurturing the spirit.

20 minutes: $35

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End all hydrotherapy treatments by spraying pure Rosewater over your entire body to close pores and leave the body feeling soft and refreshed.